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PT. CHAS has committed to fulfill all requirements and to increase the effectiveness of quality management system continually and work safety so customer satisfaction and work safety could be realized through the services provided which based on FAST
Policy Focus 2106
Focus in all works.
Policy Accurate 2109
Execute jobs in the right way.
Policy Safety 2112
- Ensure compliance with existing regulations.
- Provide adequate information and training about work health and safety.
- Prevent accidents or illness caused by works.
- Good communication between employees and management.
- Communicate the responsibilities and obligations of all employees about the policies.
- Provide self protection equipments.
Policy Timely 2115
Finish the jobs in time specified
 Policy 1 2642_kebijakan_kebersihan
 Policy 2 2641_larangan_narkoba
 Policy 3 2640_laranagn_merokok
 Policy 4 2639_k3_fast